What does MAGLA mean beyond "Make American Government Local Again?" It means that the federal government is too big, too powerful, and too oppressive. It has seized a multitude of rights, powers, and privileges never authorized by the people and states through the Constitution. Because these vast encroachments have happened gradually—and across generations—the creeping tyranny has gone unnoticed and unchallenged. We citizens simply do not enjoy the freedoms and privileges our forebears fought for and bequeathed to us. Most of us have never enjoyed true liberty.

The disaster of it all is that as government has become less localized and more concentrated at the federal level, the civil society has gradually broken down. Issues that were once solved in a variety of ways in a variety of places now must yield to single, one-size-fits-all "solutions." When there is no longer room for variety and personal/local preferences, then any given nationalized issue becomes a matter of EXTREME import as people are FORCED to CHOOSE from an artificially constrained set of choices. Because of this nationalization of local issues in our society, even the smallest of choices become enormously over-heated debates. This fighting and controversy is pleasing to power-hungry politicians and elites who enrich themselves while we are distracted, divided and bickering. Taking away their vast power—and making government power local again will go a long way towards cooling down the current societal rage that seems to be boiling over everywhere you look.

Making American Government Local Again also refers to the relegation of States' Rights to the dust-bin of history.


Once upon a time, the states were sovereign entities that formed the federal government. State governments, in partnership with local governments, were best positioned to deal with the needs of people. Presently, however, the Federal Government is a leviathan that treats states like low-rent employees and tells states and their residents how their communities ought to be governed. This federal overreach leads to tremendous operational inefficiencies and financial waste—not to mention unfair inequities between states as some states are treated "more equally" than others. The truth is, the United States is too big and diverse to yield smoothly, efficiently, and optimally to top-down dictates.


Finally, Making American Government Local Again refers to the ability of a small group of politicians to escape close scrutiny. Because so many thousands and millions of people are "represented" by a single, far-off politician—the politician is effectively insulated from too much accountability. They go sit on their national thrones, getting rich at the public trough and selling us citizens down the river. Do you know what's happening in the halls of the District of Corruption? How easy it to talk to or see your senator or legislator? Are you really able to hold them accountable? No, friends. There is almost no accountability in Washington and they are laughing all the way to the bank. By returning power and decision-making to states, localities and individuals, we will also be restoring accountability, responsibility, and transparency.



  • Did Romneycare—or its spawn, Obamacare—make government local again?
  • Did it empower individuals with more choices and power over their personal health care?
  • Did it increase accountability and responsibility of physicians and insurance companies?
  • Did it reduce expenses and make government more efficient?
  • Did it increase liberty or make more people less dependent upon the state?

Answers: No.


Sam will seek to Make American Government Local Again at every opportunity. Mitt Romney won't.




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