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The worst idea of the 20th century—communism—spread its poison and helped America birth its own worst idea: the abolition of God and faith from the public square (and anywhere else it can, really). Now the official Motto of the United States, "In God We Trust" reminds us where we’ve been, why we’re here, and who we are. Most of all, it reminds us that our rights do NOT come from the government—rather, we created government in order to protect our rights that come from God.


Everywhere we look today, our rights are ignored, removed or under constant oppression and assault. It will take someone like Sam Parker with courage, understanding, vigor, endurance and unwavering commitment to help restore these rights and push aside the oppression of modern behemoth government and its culturally subversive allies.


Was Mitt Romney courageous when he cowered before Barack Obama on the national debate stage and refused to engage him over the fraud of Benghazi? No! Did he display true understanding when he praised Antifa (a violent organization even Nancy Pelosi condemned) or urged Trump to NOT release the FISA memo? No! Has he demonstrated unwavering commitment to principles as he’s leaped from one position to the next—and one state to the next?! No! Has he endured assaults on his core positions, never changing them for political expedience? No! Friends, MyTurnMitt Romney is not in this for the citizens of Utah—he’s in this for Mitt Romney.


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